Upholstery  services include replacing or retying springs, replacing worn webbing,  re-stuffing, repairs, and recovering with new fabric. We work on all  types of household and office furniture: headboards, sofas, ottomans,  dining chairs, window seats, cushions, throw pillows,  living room chairs, chaise lounges, love seats, chiropractic tables,  etc. We can custom-made pillows and cushions of any shape and size and  fill with feathers and down or synthetic fillers. We have a resale  license and can buy wholesale fabrics directly from designers.  Alternatively, you can purchase your own fabric at the store of your  choice. Below you can see all the steps involved in reupholstering a  stuffed chair.  


 We  also offer wood refinishing, from small jobs such as the feet of an  upholstered sofa or chair up to large jobs like bookshelves, desks and  tables. Furniture is carefully stripped and sanded, then stained and  sealed. Change the color of the finish, or just make the piece look  shiny and new while protecting the wood surface. 

Automobile Upholstery

 We  do quality work in upholstering automobiles. We work with leather,  vinyl, suede, and fabric and we can restore the inside with foam if it  needs it. We help you with the design. Jorge upholstered his own car, so  you can see how it looks when it is done. 

Ceiling and Walls

 Upholstering  your walls and ceilings can change the whole feeling of the room. It is  also a easy and inexpensive way to hide a crumbling or unsightly plaster wall.